Karlotta Wilde (*1984) was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany.

At the age of 20, she started her fashion design studies at the „Akademie für Mode & Design“ in Munich. After her graduation in womenswear design in 2008, she worked at studios such as Ann-Sofie Back or Sonia Rykiel and gained experiences in the luxury segment of the fashion industry. While living in Paris, Karlotta started to work on her first collection for her own label, which she then launched 2010 in Berlin.

The label Karlotta Wilde is defined by reduced colours, a pureness of design, as well as the unexpected combination of different materials and artful details. She combines hard and soft, transparent and opaque, firm and flowing.

With the use of high quality and delicate fabrics, she creates an unagitated, pure style, that makes her design stand for a discreet but yet abstract, timeless and always wearable coolness.

In July 2011, Karlotta Wilde was honored with the Premium Young Designers Award.